About us

IPT Cuttings is an international plant trading company. Our mission is to provide the best young plants for the best prices to nurseries and wholesalers worldwide. Even after more than 25 years, we still feel very passionate about what we do every day. How can we not?

Working between the flower fields of Holland

Our office is located between the beautiful colored flower fields of Holland. Every day is exciting. Visiting with our local growers, making sure new plant cuttings meet our high standards while arranging all the phytosanitary certification in order to get your young plants in time to you. There is never a dull moment.

We know our growers, wholesalers and nurseries

We’re not a huge company, and we like it that way. Our team knows each of our growers personally and visits them regularly. All of our clients have their own personal contact person at IPT, who understands their specific needs. It’s our business to maintain excellent relations with transport and customs clearance agents. So we can ensure the best prices and transport options for you.

Passion for plant cuttings, trends, and innovation

Everybody here at IPT Cuttings is passionate about plants. We follow new trends and innovations almost religiously. The nearby World Horti Center is the most important innovation center of the global greenhouse horticulture sector. We spot changes in the market early and share these with you. This way you get to stay ahead of the curve and your competition.

From young plants and plant cuttings to blooming fields: we (after)care

Our care doesn’t stop after delivery. We want to leave our plant cuttings in good hands. To help nurseries and wholesalers make the young plants bloom into gorgeous flowers, we include detailed growing instructions. Also, you can always reach us with any questions you have. We’ll stay in touch to offer any additional services you might require.

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