Plant Cuttings

IPT Cuttings is an international plant trading company located in Holland; the center of horticulture. We are specialists in obtaining and shipping plant cuttings and young plants to nurseries and wholesalers worldwide. With 25 years of experience, we know what we’re doing.

Transport of all size of plant cuttings and plugs

Because we work with different growers, we can obtain all types and sizes of plant cuttings. Your needs as a customer are our priority. That’s why, unlike many other companies, we both ship small plant cuttings and also plant cuttings with large plugs. Furthermore, we offer the most competitive transport prices on the market. Discover more about the transport of plant cuttings.


What are the advantages of plant cuttings?

There are substantial advantages for your business to use plant cuttings instead of sexual propagation to grow your plants:

  • It’s easier
  • Plants grow faster
  • Plants bear fruits quicker
  • The offspring are genetically identical; thus the good traits will be kept
  • You can grow plants that don’t have seeds or can’t grow from seeds, like rose cuttings

Young plants come with growing instructions and after-care

Though working with young plants is simpler than starting from scratch, it still requires knowledge. Especially if they’re a new plant variety. To help you out, we deliver our plant cuttings with straightforward growing instructions and provide any after-care you need.


Plant cuttings: We only deliver the best quality

We maintain personal contact with all of our growers and visit them regularly. Our team only consists of experts with many years of experience. With each visit, we check if the plant cuttings meet our high standards. This way we can guarantee to deliver you the best:

  1. Rooted Cuttings
  2. Unrooted Cuttings
  3. Plant Roots 

Phytosanitary certificate and other documentation

We arrange all the documentation, like the phytosanitary certificate, to deliver your young plants anywhere in the world and to save you a lot of time and paperwork. Discover more about the documentation.


Plant cuttings for sale

Do you want more information on buying and transporting plant cuttings? Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with any additional information.

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