Half-ready potplants

Due to outstanding technology, we can ship Half ready potplants plants to wholesalers and nurseries around the world without losing quality. We offer the broadest range of apprentice plants possible for the best prices.

Half ready potplants are ready to b(l)oom your sales

Apprentice plants are already half-grown. As such, they're the best if you need your plants ready as quickly as possible to begin selling to your customers. All you have to do is make sure they go through the correct cooling and rinsing process. The cultivation period can be as little as 8 to 16 weeks, depending on if the apprentice plants are already spiked or induced.

Special growing instructions with your apprentice plants

We deliver your apprentice plants with special growing instructions, provide extra customer support, and aftercare to make them bloom beautifully and rapidly.

How to transport apprentice plants?

Since they’re half grown, apprentice plants require special packaging for them to arrive in the best shape. Our team consists of experts who know precisely how to package them. In addition, we only work with transport and custom clearance agents we trust to handle your apprentice plants with care. Find out our transport options here.


We take care of your phytosanitary certificate and documents

Each international shipment of plant cuttings and apprentice plants requires the correct documents and a phytosanitary certificate, which differs per destination country. As a wholesaler or nursery, it takes time to arrange this. To save you valuable time and money, we take care of all the documentation for you. Find out more about the phytosanitary certificate.


Apprentice plants for sale and ready to ship

Are you looking to get your plants available for purchase and onto the market almost right away? Then apprentice plants are for you. Contact us for the best prices.

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