We offer a vast variety of plant cuttings to wholesalers and nurseries anywhere. By working with many growers, we can provide any plant cuttings you require. Whatever plant variety you're looking for, we either have it, or we’ll find it for you.

Checking the quality of our plant cuttings

Our team visits all of the growers we work with. Not just once, they regularly stop by to see how everything is going and to check on the quality of the young plants. Additionally, we're always on the lookout for new plant varieties which our customers might like.



The most competitive prices for the delivery of your plant cuttings

By collaborating with a mix of transport and custom clearance agents, we can export your plant cuttings to wherever your business is, for the lowest price on the market. Learn more about our transportation here.


Comprehensive customer service and no paperwork

A low price doesn’t mean we skimp on customer service. We deliver the plant cuttings with clear growing instructions and provide great and personalized aftercare. Moreover, we take care of all the papers you need to be able to import the plant cuttings. Completely hassle-free for you. Learn more about what documentation we arrange for you. 


The widest variety of plant cuttings for sale

Check out our excellent assortment of plant cuttings here. If you don’t see your type, don’t hesitate to ask us. We will find it for you. Contact us to get exceptional plant cuttings for attractive prices.

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