Transport of Plant cuttings: Great prices, Quality and On Time Delivery

At IPT Cuttings it’s our business to make sure plant cuttings arrive fresh as a daisy and on time to nurseries and wholesalers around the globe. We take care of all your transport needs; from picking up the plant cuttings at the grower to delivering them on your doorstep. We offer the best prices and 25 years of experience.

Our primary concern is that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Young plants: Maximum flexibility in transport for competitive prices

We work together with several large transport and customs clearance agents. By collaborating with a variety of companies and agents, instead of 1 preferred carrier, we obtain maximum flexibility and get the best prices. 

Our excellent central location in Holland gives us easy access to the international seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp as well as the airport of Amsterdam, Schiphol. 

What this means for you:

●     Fast delivery

●     Competitive rates

●     Worldwide transport

Smart packaging that saves you money

After working over 25 years with young plants, we’ve got packing them down to an art form. Our people package the plant cuttings smartly so that they use the least amount of space and thus lowering transport costs. This translates itself into savings for you.

Of course, we also always make sure that your plant cuttings are well protected against any bumps in the road.

Stay informed during your young plants trip

Our team will notify you every step of the way. From putting them on a plane, train, ship or truck to the young plants being cleared by customs; we’ll keep you updated on their journey. As our client, we’ll assign you a personal IPT contact person, who knows all the specific details of your order and its route.


By transporting your plant cuttings with IPT, you’ll always have the latest available shipping information, and know in advance when they’ll arrive at your place of business. 

Plant cuttings transport: The best pricing on the market

We can guarantee you that we offer the most competitive prices in the marketplace. Prices vary per destination and the type of transport that’s required.


If you want to get a free quote for a shipment, please contact us.